King & Queen Christian Pageant

Illinois King & Queen Pageant


  •  To bring a positive pageant to all communities, to encourage contestants to be the best they can be and strive for excellence. 
  • We believe every participant is a designer original with a uniqueness about them.
  • This is more than a pageant. It is a program to change the life of our youth and help them achieve their dreams. A life style change.


The Benefits of competing in the pageant system.


Starting point for a childs development of poise, spokesperson, manners and organizational skills. Meeting new people and developing everlasting friendships.

P - romote to lead a prosperous life.

Acknowledge for who they are striving to be.

G -ive back to their community and schools.

E - ncourage the gifts inside.

A - ppling good principles in daily living.

N - urture and activate their ability to shine.

T - each sportsmanship and team playing.